When any activity or project which involves VFI, the VFI management team will follow all corporate quality policies to ensure the highest level of product and/or service is provided to the customer and all stakeholders. VFI will exercise their oversight for all task orders including those being executed by core team members and subcontractors.

Quality Management Methodology

VFI Corporate Management understands that managing quality requires an approved quality plan encompassing four (4) major quality processes. VFI utilizes the Deming “Plan-Do-Check-Act” cycle in order to consistently provide high quality and control to all activities and projects.

Quality assurance activities focus on the processes being used to manage and deliver the solution to evaluate overall project performance on a regular basis. Quality assurance is a method to ensure the project will satisfy the quality standards and will define and record quality reviews, test performance, and customer acceptance.

Quality control activities are performed continuously to verify that project management and project deliverables are of the highest quality and exceed industry standards. Quality assurance also helps uncover causes of unsatisfactory results and establish lessons learned to avoid similar issues in the future.

VFI has well-established procedures and tools to ensure that all work meets the required quality standards and that all technicians understand and provide services that meet or exceed VFI’s expected quality expectations. These procedures include Initial Quality Requirements, Training, Quality Workmanship, and Process Checklists; Quality Test and Inspections; Risk Management; and Corrective Actions.

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